Thursday, 9 January 2014

AdSense Earnings for December 2013 - £3.55

It's official. is now earning so little from AdSense that it actually losing me money after hosting fees etc.

Just remember, that if you have followed all the advice about AdSense that I have ever given, you only have yourself to blame :-)

For the record here are the stats for December :-

i love Quidco BlueWhite
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  1. That's better than mine, I'm down to £0 due to my account being disabled! I suspect it's because my photos have been widely copied so most of my website looks like duplicate content :-(

  2. It would not surprise me. Google has often ranked stolen photos higher than my original photos (even when they were hotlinked from my site). But now they have gone the whole hog and keep the vast majority of image search traffic on their own site which effectively makes them the biggest scraper site on the internet. Remember, all the advice they give out about duplicate content - that doesn't apply to them. They throw me a few crumbs from time to time, so I guess I should be grateful...